Balancing Light and Dark


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” -Albert Einstein

I am continually learning how to find the stillness in chaos. I do this mainly through meditation and by doing my best not to panic when things don’t go my way.  What I’ve found is that it is much easier to bear the changes of life when you are humbled to stillness. When you are humbled you  let go of the need to control and begin to honor the intuitive nature that lies within.  It comes alive only when you dare to trust.  Having trust highlights one of the most fundamental laws of physics: for every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. When the two meet ACTION and REACTION there is a  moment of stillness…however briefly….as you assess whether you are receiving the act or initiating it. Being able to make that distinction is very powerful.  That stillness makes all the difference when life feels like it’s making left turns every time you want to go right.   That millisecond of stillness leaves room for new life (possibility, growth, solutions). That is where creativity happens….creation (order, naming things) comes from, you guessed it, a need for chaos (letting go of control). There is a necessary part of your life that must be in constant flux.  If the chaos didn’t exist the yearning for stillness would never have been born in the first place. Yet, if you are always still you run the risk of hardening and stiffening like a dried up tree branch. Movement is living and chaos is movement.  So when life seems chaotic find your stillness long enough to assess what you are going to do, but not longer!  You must move, you must create.  When we create when we give birth to something (someone) we become these whirling dervishes spinning helplessly towards the light. In our dizziness we reach moments of ecstasy that take us to places beyond the dawn and the stars. We are filled to a near self-combustion and THEN right THEN we fall delirious.  Somehow, miraculously at times, a stretcher (a friend, a book, a blog, etc) will be there waiting for us to land on it while we recuperate. Until another ‘force’ comes  from another unseen angle and sends us spinning in a new direction. The more I try and control those forces the harsher the push or shove feels when life bumps into me.  So I’ve learned to relinquish control of the things that are not mine to control and to savor the moments of stillness that come when you give your ear to intuition. Chaos keeps me nimble and on my toes and there will always be chaos, but it’s the stillness within that makes me abundant.

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Robin Lim, a guerrilla midwife and winner of CNN’s Heroes of the Year Award in 2011, has said that the placenta is the forgotten chakra. The placenta is a vital organ for the baby and once birthed it lies discarded and forgotten here in America. Many other parts of the world, however, know that its gift to the mother and baby is not complete. I am happy to say that I’ve learned how to encapsulate a placenta! Now you can continue to receive the benefits of your placenta once you have birthed it. For more on this wonderful and beneficial service during your postpartum period visit Light of Mine at Placenta Encapsulation Services.

“Find your light and let it shine…”—Arela

Even Leonardo Da Vinci doodled..why not you!?


Art teaches, but birth art empowers! In her book Birthing from Within, Pam England states that:” an active, gentle exploration process not only brings overlooked resources and strengths to conscious awareness, but identifies obstacles and inhibitions that might prevent you from using them.” Read this week’s post on Care of the Soul During Pregnancy for more.

Da Vinci’s Pregnancy “Doodle”







===================          (YOUR DOODLE HERE)

My view of birth……


To birth something new;
is to move from the light of the known
into the dark of the unknown.
It requires the balance of our surrender with our intent to move forward.

.... Then from somewhere out of the murkiness up ahead
there is a light that shines.
If we choose to see it, we can allow it to draw us onward.
If we cannot see it, it will shine on us anyway.


Loving Womb